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Raspberry Pi Zero Clones


Raspberry Pi Zero is smallest single board computer launched by Raspberry Pi foundation several years back and it is still one the most affordable SBC among all Raspberry Pi Boards.

It became popular because of its launch price tag of 5$ although now a days the board is not all available at that price.

You can get one Raspberry Pi Zero any where from ~12-15$ per unit depending on the supplier and quantity.

Since it is very popular SBC among makers, a few other companies have adapted the form-factor and designed board with different processors but similar interfaces.

As of today there are two boards which can be called clones of Raspberry Pi Zero.

Radza Zero: Raspberry Pi Zero clone

(Image Credit: Radxa)


Radxa Zero Schematic is available.

Different versions would be available:

Company has already manufactured over 100 boards for beta testers and production may start in 2-3 months.

Radxa’s board will run Android and some other OS but not Raspberry Pi OS, which may not be a good news for a lot of makers and developers.

Getting started guide is provided for early users.

Cost & where to buy from?

Currently it is not available for purchase but it will be available by October end or November. Their price of board will be somewhere around ~35 USD basic version and high end version with 4GB Ram and 16GB Flash may go even more than 50 USD.

You can read more on Radxa Forum

BananaPi M2 Zero: Raspberry Pi Zero clone

(Image credit: Banana PI)


Read more about Banana PI M2 Zero

Cost & where to buy from?

Banana Pi M2 Zero costs around 30 USD and you can buy from various distributors.

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