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Jupiter Nano Tiny Embedded Board Runs Linux, NuttX

Jupiter Nano is an open source, tiny, high performance embedded hardware that runs NuttX RTOS or embedded Linux.

It has a tiny 48-pin (two side edge connector) form factor (1.125″ x 2.5″, similar in size to the Teensy 4.1) and is 10x more powerful than the Arduino Due.

The board is from Starcat LCC, a Seattle, USA based company who previously had a successful crowduspply coampaign for HackEEG shield for Arduino Due

For Arduino Users

Jupiter Nano will be good board for existing Arduino users who want to move to a tiny but powerful computer with more CPU power, lots of RAM, or has real time operating system (NuttX).

For Embedded Linux Users

It should also be attractive to embedded Linux users as well who are looking for a tiny, open-source hardware computer with lots of I/O and high-speed Wi-Fi.

The applications for a board this small, and this powerful, are nearly endless.

Image Credit: Jupiter Nano Github

Features & Specifications

Jupiter Nano is part of the Microchip Get Launched design program, using Microchip’s SAMA5D27C-LD1G CPU and a MCP2200 – USB-UART converter!

Jupiter Nano is Open Source

Hardware is designed in KiCAD and is available Open Source.

Where to Buy Jupiter Nano Board?

It is available on crowd supply now, you can get one for 79$.

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