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Tigard: An open source tool for hardware hacking

TIGARD is an open source tool to help engineers and hobbyists hack the hardware. It combines support for all of the most commonly used and needed interfaces on to a single board.

Courtesy: CrowdSupply/ Tigard

As a drop-in replacement for dozens of other hardware tools based on FTDI chips, it has native support from a number of commonly used hardware tools like OpenOCD, FlashROM, etc.

Please watch this quick intro video about the tool.

Features & Specifications

Software Support

In general, Tigard was designed to work as-is with several tools and libraries that already support the FTDI x232H family of chips. This includes:

Use Cases

Design Data

KiCAD hardware design files and documentation available on Github.

Price and availability

Tigard has raised >$23,000 on Crowd Supply with options starting at $39 for the board and wires.

US Shipping is free, and $10 to $20 to the rest of the world. Deliveries are scheduled to start in the second part of February 2021.

You can read more details about the products on crowd supply.

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