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Teensy 4 board using NXP iMXRT1062 MCU

Teensy 4.0 Board Overview

Teensy 4.0 Board ( Image Credit: Hackaday )

Teensy 4 is a new Teensy series of board rolled out by It has used one of the fasted MCUs available in the market i.e NXP’s iMX RT1062 MCU which runs at ~600Mhz.

It is a small little MCU board with header connectors compatible with breadboard so it is maker friendly. It also has two not so friendly connectors on the bottom side which gives access to some more IOs and interfaces.

It packs a lot of features which I will share below in some more detail along with pinouts, schematics.

Teensy 4.0 Features

Looking at Small size (1.4 Inches x 0.7 Inches) of the Teensy 4.0 board doesn’t feels like that it will offer lot of features but it actually has following features and interfaces (obviously, not all will be available at the same time):

  • NXP IMXRT1062 ARM Cortex-M7 at 600 MHz
  • 1024K RAM ( tightly coupled 512K RAM)
  • 2048K Flash (64K reserved for recovery & EEPROM emulation)
  • 2x USB ports, 480 MBit/sec
  • 3x CAN Bus (1 with CAN FD)
  • 2x I2S Digital Audio
  • 1x S/PDIF Digital Audio
  • 1x SDIO (4 bit) native SD
  • 3x SPI, all with 16 word FIFO
  • 3x I2C, all with 4 byte FIFO
  • 7x Serial, all with 4 byte FIFO

  • 32x general purpose DMA channels
  • 31x PWM pins
  • 40x digital pins, all interrupt capable
  • 14x analog pins, 2 ADCs on chip
  • Cryptographic Acceleration
  • Random Number Generator
  • RTC for date and time function
  • Programmable FlexIO
  • Pixel Processing Pipeline
  • Peripheral cross triggering
  • Power On/Off management

Teensy 4.0 Pinout

If you need a more user friendly Pin-Out in a table form, you can download the xls file.

Teensy 4.0 Schematic

As with other Teensy board, schematic for Teensy 4.0 board is also openly available for your reference.

Teensy 4.0 Schematic Source

Teensy 4.0 3D Model

Download the 3d model from GrabCAD. Thanks to Simon Nylund

Teensy 4.0 Breakout Boards

As we see, Teensy 4.0 Board doesn’t not have any real word connector or interfaces just the pins on the boards or pads. If you are planning to use the board with the bread board then it is fine otherwise you will need another breakout board to have various interfaces extended appropriately to be used in any application.

Some of the breakout boards which are available are given below:

1. PRJC’s Teensy 4.0 Beta Breakout Board


2. Teensy 4.0 Ultimate Breakout Board ($44)

A Full-Featured Teensy 4.0 Breakout Board with Uninterruptible Power Supply.


3. FRDM4236 Teensy 4.0 Breakout Board

It gives access to IOs and USB Host and OLED interface on the header. It also has SD Card connector inbuilt. You can see the schematic here.

4. Other three Breakout Boards on PRJC Forum

I hope you will find information about the available breakout boards for Teensy 4.0 helpful.

Getting started Guides

Where to buy Teensy 4.0?

I am sure after looking at the spec, you cannot resist to get hold of one little beast before it gets out of stock :).

You can buy Teensy 4.0 board from various source as mentioned below based on your preference:

Teensy 4.0 Board Review

I think the board is really good and powerful given that it has 600MHz NXP’s iMX RT1062 MCU. It also gives access to various IOs over header and other pads on the bottom side. Coolest thing is one click recovery option 🙂

What I feel is it could have provided more IOs via proper headers like Dual line headers on both sides. Pads on bottom sides of the board makes it difficult for the developer to access and at the end it doesn’t gives a neat the solution.

Single click program feature is great but for the developers who are trying to build their products using this board might not be that useful.

Moreover what I think is, It would have the following ( my wish list 🙂 ):

One more thing which I think is needed is a readily available breakout board. I would have preferred a breakout board with USB Host, Ethernet, SD Card, some multi-function sensor chips, IOs on headers and few LEDs would have been much better to experiment with.

I have already ordered one of my Teensy 4 board and I will add more thought once I get my hands dirty with the board.

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