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Teardown: Jenix Smart WiFi FAN Controller

In the past few months I did a lot of teardowns and now I am sharing all the details one by one in my blogs.

Here is the teardown of Jenix WiFi Fan Controller.

This one is different than other Smart Switches as it used TRIAC for Speed control and as it used TRIAC and not a Relay.

Earlier I thought that the power consumption is very less, so they used a Capacitor drop based AC to DC Conversion instead of using typical AC to DC converter circuit to save on the cost but when looks in details I found one AC to DC converter IC on board.

Opto-TRIAC is used for driving the TRIAC and to achieve isolation from low voltage circuit.

A Wi-Fi module is used for the connectivity interface. One switch is also provided to control the FAN Speed.

You can see some high resolution pictures below:

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Various ICs used on the board are:

  1. OPTO TRIAC: P160J
  2. TRIAC CT325C 800S: 800V 25A
  3. WiFi Module: WB2S Tuya Module
  4. AC to DC Converter: BP2525
  5. Microcontroller: Part number is erased but it looks like TSSOP20 package STM32/08 or similar MCU.
  6. AMS1117 3.3: 5V to 3.3V Regulator

Hope you found this teardown useful.

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