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Voice Recognition for your Embedded Product

Ai-Thinker’s VC series module is an AI based offline voice recognition module. In the speech recognition technology, it has high reliable wake up recognition rate, longer distance wakes up, lower false wake up rate, stronger noise cancellation, faster recognition , and pure offline recognition without any kind of network connection. 

Advantages of offline voice?

Product Features

Application Scenarios

It can be used for smart home appliances, such as smart curtains, smart bathrooms, range hoods, washing machines, water heaters, air purifiers, humidifiers, etc.; smart lighting products, such as smart desk lamps, ceiling lamps, ambient lights, etc.; voice infrared remote control, etc. It can even be used in dangerous environments where touching instrument need to avoided.

Module Comparison

There are two different modules and development boards available from AI-thinker. and here are the feature list.

Support and Documentation

All the documentation about hardware and firmware development can be found here

From where to Buy VC-01 and VC-02 modules

If you are interested in BU01 indoor positioning modules, you can contact AI-thinker by email (

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