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Atmosic BLE 5 SoC runs at 10 to 100 times less power

Atmosic Technologies, a California based company has very low power SoC having Bluetooth 5.0 which consumes 10 to 100 times lower power than anything else available in the market due to their innovative technology.

Company claims they have Low Power Radio and on-demand wakeup technology which they have built into their devices which enables user achieve phenomenal improvement in power consumption without reducing the performance or functionality.

Their SoCs uses ARM Cortex M0 core with lot of other interfaces. They have two series SoCs ATM2 and ATM3.

ATM3 Series SoC has inbuilt energy harvester block for taping the ambient energy. With inbuilt energy harvester this SoC makes hardware designers life easy, no they don’t need to pick another PMIC for energy harvesting so one less IC and helps a lot when designing especially a device where space is a constraint.

Atmosic ATM3 SoC Block Diagram



Evaluation Board and how to buy?

One can buy the evaluation board directly from their website and evaluate the top notch technologies for their future product development.

Video to learn more about Atmosic SoCs

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