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Web-based user interface for your IoT product

Almost all products need some or the other user interface for setting up the device in the production or to let the user interact with the device.

Several ways to provide a user interface

  1. A desktop application running on PC OS (Windows/Linux/Mac, etc.) and the device are connected via interfaces like RS232 / USB / Ethernet / WiFi / BLE.
  2. An Android, iOS, Windows Mobile App connected to the device via WiFi/Bluetooth.
  3. Local display and keypad on the device itself.
  4. A dedicated IR/RF remote with keyboard and/or display.
  5. Another way is the web interface, which could be quite beneficial.

Web Interface is, as defined by PC MAG “ The interaction between a user and software running on a Web server. The user interface is the Web browser and the Web page is downloaded and rendered

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Let’s see how the web interface can give you a significant advantage

Various Advantages of Web-Interface

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