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Low-Cost Electronic DC Load


In this article I am going share details about a little test tool i.e. Electronics DC Load.

An electronic load is mainly useful when you want to test your power supplies/batteries, you can set a load and test if your power supply is able to output current properly if any heating issues are there or not. And, in the case of battery if it is able to output the desired capacity or not.

Cost & Availability

This DC load costs about 20$ or around 2000 INR.

I have purchased it from Amazon India but I have seen this type of load available on popular websites like Aliexpress, Alibaba, eBay, Banggood.

Electronic DC Load Features


Although it has limited capabilities but still for many of our development testing requirement this is very useful tool and I recommend you buying one or two for your lab.

It can be useful when you are testing your power supply circuits say 1.2V/2.5/3.3/5.0/12V/24V and similarly batteries up to 25V DC.

Demo Video

I have modified the DC Load to work from 20mA to 1A and also discussed about how to make it work without external power supply (self-powered).

Watch the video here:

I hope you have found this information useful about electronic dc load.

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