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CHIP SHORTAGE: How to find equivalent IC Part

If you are an electronics engineer, you must be aware of the ongoing chip shortage in the market and must be quite frustrated by the impact.

I myself have faced so much of trouble in the past few months. For quite a lot of boards I had to redesign again and again as once the PCB layout was getting ready, chip was becoming out of stock.

It is easy to find alternate equivalent parts for passives like resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and general purpose ICs like LDOs, Op-amps, etc. but not so easy when you try to find equivalent parts for ICs like DC-DC converters, Audio codecs, MCUs, etc.

Where do you search ICs?

If you are finding equivalent parts, you need to start filtering with type of part, some key parameters and then footprint because footprint defines the ultimate hardware compatibility after you are sure about technical spec.

You can search with part number on portals like:

where you can find, where all in the world a particular part is available, with which distributor and how much is the stock.

Other than that, there are leading websites where you can find the information about stocks by searching on their website one by one:

Manufacturers Cross Reference Tools

How did I handle the chip shortage?

During this process I found various pin compatible ICs and thought of sharing it here so that others can take advantage. It is not a big list but still may be someone could find it useful.

List of Equivalent ICs (Pin Compatible)

NOTE: Some of the below mentioned ICs are not exactly same Spec but there is a chance you could use them if it matches the input output voltage range and current ratings for your need.

1. DC-DC Buck Converter ICs (SOT-23-6)

6-Pin SOT-23-6 Package

Texas Instruments

  • TPS561201
  • TPS562201
  • TPS563201
  • TPS565201
  • TPS563208
  • TPS565208
  • TPS54302
  • TPS56339
  • TPS54308
  • TPS563240
  • TPS563200
  • TPS562200

Torex Semiconductor

  • XC9280

Diodes Incorporated

  • AP62150
  • AP62200
  • AP62201
  • AP62250
  • AP62300
  • AP62301
  • AP63200
  • AP63201
  • AP63203
  • AP63205

2. DC DC Buck Converter (SOIC-8)

SOIC-8 Package

Diodes Incorporated

  • AP6503
  • AP6502
  • AP3513E
  • PAM2310


  • XRP7664
  • XRP7665
  • XRP7675


  • RT8293B

3. DC DC Buck Converter (SOIC-8)

SOIC-8 Package

Diodes Incorporated

  • AP64100
  • AP64102Q
  • AP64200
  • AP64202
  • AP64350
  • AP64351
  • AP64352
  • AP64500
  • AP64501
  • AP64502

4. DC DC Buck Converter (SOT-23-6)

SOT-23-6 Package

Diodes Incorporated

  • AP63200
  • AP63201
  • AP63203
  • AP63205
  • AP63300
  • AP63301

5. DC DC Buck Converters (SO-8)

Diodes Incorporated

  • AP1509

6. DC DC Buck Converter (SOT563)

Diodes Incorporated

  • AP61100
  • AP61102
  • AP61300
  • AP61302

7. Single / Dual Cell Li Battery Charger ICs (QFN-16)

16 Pin QFN Package

Texas Instruments

  • BQ25300
  • BQ25302
  • BQ25303
  • BQ25306

8. Buck Boost Converter with I2C

Monolithic Power

  • MP8862
  • MP8859

9. Half Bridge Driver

  • LMG1205
  • uP1966E

10. Temperature Sensor with Alert (SOIC-8/SSOP)

  • LM75 (various companies NXP/Texas Instruments, etc.)
  • AT30TS74-SS8M-T
  • AT30TS750A-SS8M-T

If you are available of some more equivalent parts please share in the comments below I will add them here in this article so that other engineers can get help.

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